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INSPIRING: fresh spring rooms

29 Mar
the birds were chirping, the sun was shining the entire day, sunglasses were on and scarf was off!

i feel like it’s finally time to post some photos of bright + refreshing spaces which convey what we’ve all been waiting for…spring! winter’s gloomy days are over and it’s about time to bust out the bright colours and fun prints! these beautiful light-filled rooms are the perfect inspiration for spring style:

crisp white background + fresh colour palettes + tons of light + floral elements

LOVING: milk glass

25 Mar
above are my trio of vintage milk glass candlestick holders which i picked up at a local secondhand shop. generally, they range in appearance based on manufacturer. some lines were created completely opaque, while others, semi-translucent. i love how something so old remains so white + how they glimmer when the light catches the edges. they look crisp, yet still maintain that old charm.
…and my collection is growing! these are my new acquisitions: a lovely creamer + sugar set which i found on thelittlemercantile‘s shop on etsy. i love the geometric pattern! please check out her shop as there are tons of fantastic vintage items.
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