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30 Jan
a few of my snapshots from the interior design show on trade day! (click to open)
a sea of fab seminar chairs, in white, grey and charcoal. love the silhouette.
iconic children’s chair redesigned by joe fresh, flare magazine, the bay + other designers – auction proceeds benefit onexone children’s charity.
jill greaves design, atelier + others had their living spaces featured.
benjamin moore trend palettes translated into fashion.
the elte booth was among my favourites. i just adore the store and their products.

TRENDING: pale tones pt.3

26 Jan
these quiet hues make a big impact on the pale scale for spring ’12!

TRENDING: pale tones pt.2

26 Jan
(open to view all)
this trend translated into interiors
gentle + unoffensive, these rooms offer up a sense of calm + serenity.

TRENDING: pale tones pt.1

26 Jan
on the runway for spring 2012
barely there colours
(open to view all)

DOING: CB2 opening night (the wait is over!)

24 Jan
left | a few of my snapshots from the night. (click post to enlarge)
what used to be the old big bop down at queen and bathurst, has now been transformed into a lofty destination for modern design.
a friend and i attended, and had a blast! drinks and an awesome dj helped kick up the atmosphere into high gear.
among my fave items were the metallic caged pendant lights (sexy!) and a lime green chair with rectangular arms (so comfy).
i thought the serving tray with the mountee riding a cork was a cute ode to a newly adopted canadian culture.
i’ll be the first to say, that waiting for cb2’s arrival in canada was a tad painful, but nonetheless i’m glad they’re here now!   

DOING: benjamin moore colour trends event

18 Jan
last night i attended the 2012 colour trend event from benjamin moore, held at decor-rest. after the colour seminar, we got to take a look at the fab furniture they had to offer, including steven & chris and cobi style (i’ll post more later).   
 from a total of 4 different trend palettes, i thought this “earth & sky” grouping (below) was the most successful. maybe i’m just bias because i love grey. but i do think that it’s the most neutral + versatile. very easy on the eyes – this could be applied to most styles and work.
see the other palettes here and tell me what you think! (be sure to watch vids for interesting wall decor ideas, too.)

left |  the same room + same colours applied two different ways. i do adore the painted trim in storm cloud grey 2140-40 (1st image), however, i prefer the moody dark walls in sharkskin 2139-30 (2nd image).

ps. cool fact: wythe blue hc-143 featured in this palette is benjamin moore’s colour of the year!
(interesting how it contrasts with pantone’s tangerine tango, huh?!)

DECORATING: bare branch wallpaper

11 Jan
these are some of my favourites.
perfect wintery wallpapers to adorn your walls this season – featuring birch trees + bare branches.

INSPIRING: plate palettes

9 Jan
these colours look fab on the dining table – but can you imagine how great they would be in a room? on a cushion, on a rug, or even the trim! hit up your favourite store or vintage shop, and see what kind of room palette you can create!

DIY-ING: easy faux bois coasters

7 Jan
my new coaster in action. great contrast on solid coloured surfaces and glass.
1 gather your tools: among all my scraps, i just so happened to find a lovely wood grain sample of laminate flooring kicking around in the basement (without the hard backing). i knew it would be perfect for this project as laminate flooring is stain, scratch, heat and water resistant. it would be cool as a cucumber up against a piping hot cup of tea! i totally lucked out on this one, but i guess it does help to be a hoarder sometimes! next, find a circular object for tracing (i used a roll of packing tape – size your object accordingly to your material), heavy-duty scissors, and a marker.

2 trace your circular object on the back of your selected material. i managed to squeeze in 6 on my strip! 

3 carefully cut them out.

4 et voila! in under ten mintues, your easy-peasy coasters are ready to rock!

(substitute laminate flooring for a cute placemat, plastic binder cover or whatever else you can find lying around the house. happy searching + have fun!) 

INSPIRING: pantone names colour for 2012

6 Jan
tangerine tango 17-1463 has been crowned colour of the year by the colour authority, pantone! it’s a sophisticated red-orange hue that is both deliciously seductive, yet warm and friendly. now that’s a winning combination! read more about its’ attributes here
some onlookers may have thought that i hit the lotto or won a grand prize of sorts, once i learned that this GORGEOUS orange was the colour for 2012. i didn’t care if i looked like a fool – i was in celebratory mode and was out to rub it in the faces of all those orange-haters (ha!). it also just so happens to be one of my absolute favourite. colours. ever. it’s an attention grabber; it’s thrilling and provocative; sexy and exotic. please do yourself a favour and get some orange in your life – it’s not hard either, with these funky finds.    
10 2 notepads with bamboo pen – iomoi
11 enamel curves frame – jonathan adler
12 club atomic orange sofa – cb2
13 quenching body butter in orange-cantaloup – fruits & passion
14 tangerine tango earrings – notonesparrow on etsy
15 orange pebble leather handbag – artoncrafts on etsy
16 picnic flatware – west elm

left | this journal (among other items) is available in a range of colours from the pantone store. get it here.   

 curious about the history of pantone? apartment therapy posted a quick and interesting article on their blog today. enjoy!

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