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DECORATING: headboard finds

17 Feb
inspired from the first post, here are pieces with very different styles, made from very different materials, that all equally share the same wow factor! 
1 rustic, yet mordern slatted headboard + platform bed created from reclaimed wood. hidalgo bed, Anthropologie
2 space dilemma? try this big impact wall decal that takes up zero floorspace. sophie headboard in deep sea, Blik
3 simple + modern chinoiserie window headboard, West Elm
4 showstopper of the boudoir…mirrored beauty! hayworth headboard + footboard, Pier1

DIY-ING: upcycled cork board + an unusual material

11 Apr
1 that’s an old ikea print on canvas (yeah, i was bored one day and had my way with it) but the frame is really sturdy so i thought it would be a great idea to give it a new life in some way… cork board it is! laying on top of it was something that my mom had framed for me when i was a little girl. so, naturally i ripped it apart because that matting would just not do in a modern world. yep, both are getting the spray treatment.

2 because the print was quite heavy on its own, i didn’t want to weigh it down with thick cork, especially if it was being hung on wall. so instead of a roll, i purchased a package of 6 thin cork sheets. perfect – light as a feather!

3 to stick the cork to the back of the canvas, i used spray adhesive to ensure an even coat was distributed (vs. bottled glue, which would have to be dribbled around and would probably cause lumps). make sure you put down a tarp and are careful of your surroundings, as spray adhesive remains tacky + can be messy!

4 that’s all 6 sheets glued on.

5 both canvas and matting have been sprayed in Window Grey. about 3-4 coats each.

6 i wanted to mimic the Chinoiserie style trellis pattern that is so hot right now, but didn’t want to make it very complicated for myself. i thought about painting it on… but that could be really time consuming. stenciling? but where would i find a stencil like that? i knew i wanted the motif to be crisp + black. then something genius came to mind – guess what i used… drumroll please… electrical tape! i knew i had some laying around, so when i found it i just started taping away! i freehanded it, and loosely used the guidance of a ruler every now and then (for the longer middle parts). and the absolute beauty of this material is that you can lift it off and re-jig it whenever you want! it doesn’t loose its’ stickiness, doesn’t rip off the paint + the elasticity is amazing. all i have to say is that electrical tape is severely underrated.

7 that’s the final upcycled product! check out my next post to see how i used this cork board in another project!

…electrical tape… who would’ve thought?!
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