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DECORATING: sneak peek!

9 Feb

(click to open) here’s a sneak peek of a project i’m working on! i’m using colourful combinations of red, orange and blue tones to create bold impact for a child’s bedroom – these colours are opposites on the colour wheel and will always intensify eachother. to tone it down a bit, i’m using grey as a neutral to balance out the brightness of the other colours. great vintage finds will add character to the space, and the prints will offer up yet another layer of graphic interest.

complementary colours + layers of multi-patterns = fun, fun, fun!

check out these etsy shops to find vintage items and beautiful prints for your home:

INSPIRING: energetic living room

13 Apr

now, this is my kind of room – vibrant + bold; outfitted in one of my favourite colour palettes! can you feel all of its’ energy bouncing around?

a play of hot orange, cool teal, with a fresh hit of green + great graphic fabrics + an oversized bull’s-eye mirror, that all pop against a glossy, dark background. oh, and that hardwood chevron floor… wow, i think i’m drooling.
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