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LOVING: agate bookends

29 Mar

 I have been coveting agate bookends for quite a while now. This natural specimen strikes a perfect balance between both rough + refined elements. The crater-like surface of the outer shell has the texture of a regular rock. But what it houses inside its’ polished edges is a spectacular sight: layers of beautiful swirling hues + crystals. These swirls + patterns are reminiscent of a gaseous substance, freely flowing around, melding with other elements. Formed in ancient rock, agates can be found in a range of colours, from neutrals to bright jewel tones (and sometimes they are chemically enhanced). To me, they possess a magical, mysterious quality, which I cannot remove my gaze from. Mesmerizing!

So when I unexpectedly came across them at Homesense yesterday, I was thrilled! They have gorgeous colouring and a substantial weight to them. The height is about 7″, which isn’t dinky by any means. Oh, and not to mention that the price was absolutely ridiculous – a mere $16 each. A total steal!

The reddish-orange pair is for a client. And they are perfect – all the colours of the bedroom can be found in the depths + layers of these natural bookends. This pair is sure to make the room dazzle. But I couldn’t leave without a pair for myself – so I took home the lovely green/white duo. Such an awesome find!

Below I’ve sourced other naturally made bookends, equally as interesting.

Brazilian Agate Bookends, pink – The Evolution Store

Geode Bookends – vntagequeen via Etsy

Copper Bookends – By Nature Gallery

Oval Soapstone Bookend, white – Indigo

 Petrified Wood Bookend, Araucaria Arizona – By Nature Gallery

Petrified Wood Bookend, palm tree – The Evolution Store

Marlstone Burma Teak Bookends – Ten Thousand Villages

Agate Bookends – Lawson-Fenning

reddish-orange + green/white agate bookends- Homesense

LOVING: milk glass

25 Mar
above are my trio of vintage milk glass candlestick holders which i picked up at a local secondhand shop. generally, they range in appearance based on manufacturer. some lines were created completely opaque, while others, semi-translucent. i love how something so old remains so white + how they glimmer when the light catches the edges. they look crisp, yet still maintain that old charm.
…and my collection is growing! these are my new acquisitions: a lovely creamer + sugar set which i found on thelittlemercantile‘s shop on etsy. i love the geometric pattern! please check out her shop as there are tons of fantastic vintage items.
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