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LOVING: my top 3 from the one of a kind show

4 Apr

i was pleasantly surprised when i came across this booth. actually, i could not believe my luck! for months i’ve coveted shadowboxed butterflies and couldn’t find any sources with reasonable prices. i did come across an american company, but quickly nixed them off the list. not only would i have to pay for international shipping, but i would also have to pay for permits to ship natural goods across borders… issues that could quickly become headaches – not something i was up for. after time i just forgot about it all. so when i spotted this booth, my eyes lit up + i swiftly cut through the crowd and made a bee line straight for this set. the top butterfly changes colour in the light and goes from electric blue to a greeny turquoise + the bottom one is chartreuse and black. perfect combinations together, so i just had to buy these beauties!

(f.y.i. i have a penchant for butterflies, as the greek meaning of my name is a genus of these beautiful creatures. so you will see more butterfly related stuff in the future ;))

one glance at his paintings – and i was lured in. i love anything abstract, but what i was most drawn to was his use of vibrant aquas and tealy greens + how those refreshing colours dissipated into a mysterious dark background. david told me that he uses gouache, which is also my favourite medium. i told him that if i could afford this painting, i’d take it home in an instant. this piece will be on my wishlist forever!

david, a graduate of ocad + member of the ontario society of artists, also does amazing architectural renderings. i was so surprised when he told me that they were also rendered in gouache – who would have known that his crisp, meticulously detailed illustrations were done with paint? he is seriously talented and has inspired me to make time for what i love to do, too. so we’ll see what i come up with in the near future…

“Emerald Forest”, david dawson

i got to speak with lee from clark wood fire and was awed when he shared with me his process for firing his pottery. it’s an extremely physical and intense ritual, where the fire is stoked every 3-5 minutes, 24 hours a day, up to 11 days… wow, what dedication. but to lee and his partner, yolande their work is their life and a humbling, spiritual journey. to learn more about it please check out their website, or visit their etsy shop, burnt normal.

also, an intersting fact – the layers of colouring + glaze occur naturally over days, each time the fire is stoked. there are no dyes added. also, each piece is semi-transparent.

DOING: the one of a kind spring show – toronto

3 Apr
from the second i walked into the building, until the moment i left – i was completely overwhelmed by all the buzzing and excitement of the show goers. the ooh-ing and ah-ing from the crowds secured my belief that in a world of mostly mass-produced stuff – a great number of people still appreciate the time/effort/passion put into all things handmade. it made me smile. and the abundance + range of talent which was displayed was incredible. check out some of my fave things below!

red antler console by pallafray

“Landscape Fantasty” marbling works by robert wu

on display: leather scraps + studs used to create this perfect pouch for spring/summer

natural tourmaline necklace by biko

on display: sculptural, yet functional pieces by potter, chari cohen

another great part of the show – the mouth watering samples given out from places like: m thompson chocolates: i’ve never tasted anything more creamier or delicious than the peanut butter chocolate squares… to die for. tracy’s wine jellies: i purchased a jar of the bumbleberry gourmet spread. but don’t let it fool you – this sugarless jelly was so naturally sweet and yummy! tickleberry’s: tart blueberry in a thick coat of milk chocolate. need i say more?

check out the website to view all artisans and their info at www.oneofakindshow.com

the next one of kind show is in the fall – don’t miss it!

(and despite all the interruptions, delays, shuttle busses and transit chaos we had to go through to attend, it was well worth it!)
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