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DOING: CB2 opening night (the wait is over!)

24 Jan
left | a few of my snapshots from the night. (click post to enlarge)
what used to be the old big bop down at queen and bathurst, has now been transformed into a lofty destination for modern design.
a friend and i attended, and had a blast! drinks and an awesome dj helped kick up the atmosphere into high gear.
among my fave items were the metallic caged pendant lights (sexy!) and a lime green chair with rectangular arms (so comfy).
i thought the serving tray with the mountee riding a cork was a cute ode to a newly adopted canadian culture.
i’ll be the first to say, that waiting for cb2’s arrival in canada was a tad painful, but nonetheless i’m glad they’re here now!   

DOING: the AGO and surrounding area

1 Jan
a relative came to visit for the holidays, and among the list of sites to see was the wonderful AGO – Art Gallery of Ontario. no photos allowed inside, so we took a few snapshots of the great architecture in and around the gallery (including some lovely old homes and BQM diner on Queen St. mmm).
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