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DIY-ING: upcycled mosaic vase

28 Mar


Make yourself a pretty, layered, mosaic vase! Here’s the how- to:

1  Gather your supplies together: an old glass vase, magazines + clippings, scissors, glue, clear gel medium/(optional) paint glaze that would match the overall colour you are going for + a paintbrush.  Also, lay down some craft paper to protect the surface you’ll be working on.

2  I chose to create a pink tone vase, so I began snipping out any pages that had pink-related colours: fuscia, powder pink, even some coral etc. Cut the pieces out irregularly to enhance the mosaic look. Most of the pieces I cut are in triangular or diamond-like shapes. TIP: be sure to cut out many, many pieces so you don’t run out during the gluing process!

 3  With a paintbrush, you can start by applying some glaze to the vase to adhere the paper pieces. Or, you can apply everything with glue. I tried a little of both ways, but found that working the glue with my finger was the most efficient – it’s quick, easy + fun to spread around like that!  Ensure that each piece overlaps another + that gaps are minimal. This step does take some time, but it definitely puts you in the zone. It almost has a meditative quality.

4  Once the entire vase is completely covered + dry, apply your glaze everywhere. The glaze is optional, but I wanted to add an element to unify all the pieces. I used a transparent metallic glaze which gives a beautiful, subtle pink sheen in the light. Alternatively, you can coat it with a clear gel medium, to protect the paper and keep it from fraying. Gel mediums come various finishes including matte, semi and high gloss, so choose one that best fits your project.

Once your mosaic vase is complete, have fun playing around with it + styling it up!


DIY-ING: upcycled cork board + an unusual material

11 Apr
1 that’s an old ikea print on canvas (yeah, i was bored one day and had my way with it) but the frame is really sturdy so i thought it would be a great idea to give it a new life in some way… cork board it is! laying on top of it was something that my mom had framed for me when i was a little girl. so, naturally i ripped it apart because that matting would just not do in a modern world. yep, both are getting the spray treatment.

2 because the print was quite heavy on its own, i didn’t want to weigh it down with thick cork, especially if it was being hung on wall. so instead of a roll, i purchased a package of 6 thin cork sheets. perfect – light as a feather!

3 to stick the cork to the back of the canvas, i used spray adhesive to ensure an even coat was distributed (vs. bottled glue, which would have to be dribbled around and would probably cause lumps). make sure you put down a tarp and are careful of your surroundings, as spray adhesive remains tacky + can be messy!

4 that’s all 6 sheets glued on.

5 both canvas and matting have been sprayed in Window Grey. about 3-4 coats each.

6 i wanted to mimic the Chinoiserie style trellis pattern that is so hot right now, but didn’t want to make it very complicated for myself. i thought about painting it on… but that could be really time consuming. stenciling? but where would i find a stencil like that? i knew i wanted the motif to be crisp + black. then something genius came to mind – guess what i used… drumroll please… electrical tape! i knew i had some laying around, so when i found it i just started taping away! i freehanded it, and loosely used the guidance of a ruler every now and then (for the longer middle parts). and the absolute beauty of this material is that you can lift it off and re-jig it whenever you want! it doesn’t loose its’ stickiness, doesn’t rip off the paint + the elasticity is amazing. all i have to say is that electrical tape is severely underrated.

7 that’s the final upcycled product! check out my next post to see how i used this cork board in another project!

…electrical tape… who would’ve thought?!
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